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The Sangreen Greenhouse truly sits above the competition. The hot dipped galvanized steel, polycarbonate choices, rockwool pre-fabricated wall panels, and exterior shading options make our greenhouses better than all the rest at the most economical price range to any competitor.

Select one of our popular pre-engineered designs to start your custom greenhouse build. Once we’ve received your request we’ll get in touch with you within 48 hours! Happy Building!



  • Galvanized Steel: All of our greenhouses are done in Hot Dip Galvanized Steel, the number one choice of top greenhouse manufacturers. It prevents corrosion and extends the life of your greenhouse. The use of steel versus cheaper aluminum means less structural pieces to create unwanted shade.
  • Gasketed Seals: All Polycarbonate is sealed to frame with rubber seals to ensure no contamination from outside environment.
  • Optional Exterior Shading: We’ve pioneered the use of exterior shading systems to reduce temperatures even in the hottest environments.
  • Rockwool Sandwich Paneling: Premium material for insulation with a higher R-Factor and Flame Resistance. (Most manufacturers will use polystyrene, which has a lower R-factor and is not-fire retardant.)
  • Pricing: Our quality versus price beats all competitors in our market.

Choose one of the designs below…


Our Flagship Design!

Solaris is the ultimate state-of-the-art desert greenhouse in Las Vegas. Designed from 140F weather from arabic desert vegetable growers, it is a fully-enclosed greenhouse system with fully-enclosed attached operations building. 24,000SF of attached greenhouses, 2,500SF of greenhouse spline, and 10,000SF of operating space. Appointments to view Solaris upon request.

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Starter Greenhouse Kit

Utilizing a gothic arch for strength and simplicity, the starter kit is our most affordable and simple greenhouse. Perfect for mild, temperate areas, but great in all regions.

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Mild Weather Greenhouse

Designed with our classic A-Frame, we outfitted this for mild, temperate areas while utilizing single-layer polycarbonate paneling and less equipment. This allows for a more controllable environment appropriate for mild regions.

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Hot Weather Greenhouse

Our Sail-Top is the ONLY solution for hot regions. We’ve built in a custom shading system on top of the structure and stronger metal frame to support the shading sail. If you’re in a desert climate it’s a must. Las Vegas has the first one built.

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Cold Weather Greenhouse

This greenhouse is custom designed with a stronger steel frame and insulated rockwool panel walls to resist cold-weather, snowy environments.

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