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The Cold Weather Greenhouse

The Cold Weather A-Frame has specially insulated wall paneling made of rockwool. This durable siding ensures optimal insulation properties while also using a triple-ply polycarbonate on the roof maximizing PAR light transmission to your plants. Our Cold-Weather model utilizes Oversized forced-air heating units, smaller cooling pads, and smaller circulation fans to retain heat and keep you producing throughout the coldest times of year!

Technical Drawings & 3d view

Included Features:

  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Structure (32' x 96' x 16' to truss, 24' to ridge).
  • 25 Year Warranty on Structure.
  • Wind Load > = 70 MPH. ¬†Snow Load > = 20PSF
  • 2 Year Warranty on Entire Greenhouse Equipment.
  • Rockwool Insulated Panel Sidewalls. R-14 Insulation Value.
  • Rolling Flood Tray Benches 5' x 86', 80% Utilization of Space.
  • Motorized "Light Dep" (Blackout) System by Ludvig Svennson.
  • Motorized Secondary Internal Shading System by Ludvig Svennson with 45% light transmission.
  • (70) 1000W DE HPS Lights on 5' x 5' Grid.
  • (6) Industrial Oscillating Fans, 20 inch.
  • 4' x 96' Motorized Ridge Vent with Durable Polyester Bug Mesh Netting.
  • (1) 52" 3-phase Exhaust Fans, 26,000 CFMs 1.47HP.
  • Smaller Cooling Pad With Durable Polyester Bug Screen Enclosure (4" thick, 4' high, 30' wide).
  • 95% Diffused, 80% PAR light transmission,Triply-Ply Polycarbonate Paneling with gasketed seals.
  • Modine PTP 400,000 Forced Air Heater.

The Cold Weather Greenhouse

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