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The Hot Weather Greenhouse

The Hot-Weather A-Frame has a stronger metal frame to support an external shading sail. This external shading system allows for increased cooling during periods of extreme heat. This model has oversized cooling pads, stronger fans, insulated polycarbonate panels, and a smaller heater. This is the only solution for hotter regions to effectively produce cannabis.

Technical Drawings & 3d view

Included Features:

  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Structure with structural reinforcements to support external shade system (32' x 96' x 16' to truss, 24 to ridge).
  • 25 Year Warranty on Structure.
  • Wind Load > = 90MPH. ¬†Live Roof Load: > = 5.1PSF
  • 2 Year Warranty on Entire Greenhouse Equipment.
  • Rolling Flood Tray Benches 5' x 86', 80% Utilization of Space.
  • Motorized "Light Dep" (Blackout) System by Ludvig Svennson.
  • Motorized External Sail Shading by Ludvig Svennson at 50% shade.
  • Motorized Secondary Internal Shading System by Ludvig Svennson with 45% light transmission for extra cooling.
  • (70) 1000W DE HPS Lights on 5'x5' grid.
  • (8) Industrial Oscillating Fans, 20 inch, 8 per bay.
  • 4' x 96' Motorized Ridge Vent with Durable Polyester Bug Mesh Netting.
  • (2) 52" 3-phase exhaust fans, 26,000CFM 1.47HP.
  • Oversized Cooling Pads with Durable Polyester Bug Screen Enclosure (6" thick, 6' high, 30' wide).
  • 100% Diffused, 77% PAR light transmission, Double-Ply Polycarbonate Paneling 8mm throughout with gasketed seals.
  • Modine PTP 400,000 Forced Air Heating.

Hot Weather Greenhouse

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