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Las Vegas Cultivation Facility

Las Vegas Cultivation Facility - Grow Contractors InvestmentsGrow Contractors is tasked with finding an experienced grow owner that is looking to expand to California. We represent a 20,000 sql warehouse looking for a renter for a partially built out warehouse with provisional California grow license. The warehouse can be turned into a second level adding another 20,000 sql and 2 acres of build able land on the property. Located in Sacramento, needs a renter soon with a good track record of successful grow. Must have proof of investment capital to build the interior to grow standards. Owner of property is a Nevada contractor and offering cost construction services for a grower that knows what he needs.

How to Apply: Please send résumé and cover letter to [email protected] Please indicate the position title (Renter) in the subject line.

Job Categories: Renter, Grower

Job Types: Renter

Job Tags: Cannabis, Cultivation, Grower, Growing, Owner, Renter and Manager.

Rent: Favorable terms with experience

Job States: California (Sacramento)

"NBA" Cultivation and Extraction Facility

NBA Cultivation and Extraction Facility - Grow ContractorsPosition: Experienced Cannabis Brand

Location:  Los Angeles California

Company Details: Grow contractors is looking for an experienced Cannabis Brand to run and manage a 1,200 sql licensed production facility is Nevada attached to a 15,000 sql indoor grow warehouse. The production space is partially finished and only needs layout and equipment. You will be working with a former NBA player who owns the facility, but will have autonomy on the branding and production side. Must be able to fund your equipment and operations.


Job Duties

  • Create products for distribution; configure manufacturing equipment for production runs; dispense bulk ingredients and blends for final product form and storage.
  • Conduct routine physical and chemical measurements for quality control purposes;
  • Package and label products according to strict regulatory requirements; put together and track shipments to customers.
  • Ship and documents samples for 3rd-party testing and regulatory compliance.
  • Manage inventory for all consumables used in manufacturing process, as well as bulk intermediates and finished products
  • Keep equipment operational by coordinating maintenance and repair services, including calibrate instruments as needed; follow manufacturer’s instructions and established procedures; request special services.
  • Maintain meticulous records covering all aspects of the manufacturing process.
  • Collaborate with management to provide timely reporting to owners and Board.
  • Ensure that all activities are performed safely and in strict accordance with company guidelines; maintain product and company reputation by complying with government regulations. Assist in government inspections with inventory and compliance audits.


• At least 3 years of successful extraction knowledge.

• At least 3 years of brand and product creation experience.

• Manufacturing/Production Technician Skills and Qualifications.

• Analytical Instrumentation experience preferable.

• Manufacturing experience preferable.

• Proficient using technology and common software applications (MS Office, etc.).

• Education or 3 years experience in physical sciences/engineering/chemistry.

How to Apply

Please send résumé and cover letter to [email protected] Please indicate the position title (Brand Owner) in the subject line.

Job Categories: Production, Extraction, Brands, Edibles.

Job Types: Full-time

Job Tags: Cannabis, Production, Brand, Extraction, Edibles, and Manager.

Salary: $75,000 and Aggressive Bonuses. Or ownership if qualified funding

Job States: California (Los Angeles)