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Grow Contractors Greenhouse Services


Grow Contractors Greenhouse Services


Grow Contractors Greenhouse Services


From California to Washington to Oregon to Nevada, we have taken our work everywhere it is legal. No distance is too far. We work with you personally to create your perfect cannabis grow operation or dispensary. We have a solid record of satisfied clients.

Complete Cannabis Services

We have Engineers, Contractors, and Master Growers on hand combining their talents to build efficient and high yielding grow spaces. Our indoor spaces regularly achieve 2-3 pounds+ per 1000W HPS light. Yield numbers are extremely subjective however, so we are constantly testing new methods and technology to stay on the cutting edge of the horticulture industry. Our services include all aspects of cannabis growth and processing, from obtaining a suitable property all the way to finished product. We can also improve your current grow through our consultants for higher yields and lower operating costs.

Indoor Growing

A design can be drafted for you within 72 hours of our initial appraisal of the space you plan to use (or you can provide us dimensions if you prefer we not enter your space). We can recommend the most efficient, highest yielding options for your area based on our years of experience growing cannabis. Hydroponics, Organic Soil, Vertical Growing, the choice is yours. We can work with any reasonably sized space- from warehouses down to smaller spaces.

Electrical, plumbing, and all hardware installations are done by certified professionals (from our staff of trusted contractors), up to your state coding requirements. Workers are insured and have background tests done, and sign confidentiality agreements. The latest grow room construction techniques and materials are used at all times. Cleanliness, attention to detail, respect for your privacy, transparency, and professionalism are standard for anyone on our staff. Our craftsmanship is guaranteed for life.

Our experienced growers then provide a detailed plan to reap the largest and highest quality yields possible. Caretakers can also be provided to work the grow if you choose to contract out for labor. We have a significant inventory of resumes from qualified workers for you to sort through and build your staff.

  • Commercial specialists: We can build you a high-yielding operation or improve your current operation for higher yields, lower overhead, and better quality.
  • Organics: We have a proprietary organic regimen which not only produces higher THC percentages but also can pass CFU testing with no problems.
  • Vertical growing specialists: Multi-Tier LED or LEC growing can yield up to 3x as much as normal indoor grows (up to 3g per watt) but require a significantly larger initial investment. We have been doing vert growing since it originated here in the states, there is no better authority.
  • Equipment Discounts: We have accounts with many major equipment distributors allowing us to get equipment for significantly less than retail.
  • CGE specialists(closed growing environment): Guaranteed to be impermeable to snooping noses and allows complete control of the grow environment.
  • LED installations: Fluence, SmartGrow LED, California Lightworks, we have establish relationships with all of them and can customize your facility to work with them. Low heat, low power consumption, excellent light spectrum. There are pros and cons to using LED’s, but we can inform you of them and properly equip you if this is the route you choose.
  • Our grow room builders are experienced with Cannabis contracting work specifically and apply their experience to maximize your profit and efficiency.
  • 3D blueprints, schematics, and designs available to your specs, all facilities are designed by professional licensed engineers.
  • Residential conversions.
  • Handicap accessible designs are available.

Smart Greenhouses and Outdoor Growing

Our experts analyze every aspect of your land and region to create the most efficient and highest yielding grow space. We have experience with state of the art greenhouse technology which can reduce your price per pound production costs by up to 60% when compared to traditional indoor cultivation methods. The cost of installation is nominal when compared to the profit potential, and the added bonus is that greenhouses produce a very high quality product. We can install greenhouses in cold and hot regions successfully and within your budget.

We test soil, water, light, and ambient conditions, then formulate a detailed plan up to the point of harvest.

For outdoor grows,  additions are made to the soil depending on its composition and PH. Special genetics are provided that are hardened to outdoor conditions. Our experienced growers can help you produce the best outdoor harvest possible.

  • Smart Greenhouse Specialists: Light and Shading Deprivation Systems, climate control, automation and monitoring of greenhouse functions, using our proprietary grow methods.
  • Relationships with all major Greenhouse Manufacturers: We can custom tailor any greenhouse to your specific needs by choosing only the best components from each manufacturer.
  • Precise soil control: We test the existing soil and amend as necessary, or we can truck in a custom blend of fresh soil/soiless mix, the choice is yours.
  • Specialized outdoor genetics: We keep a small library of specially selected outdoor strains that have excellent outdoor growth properties.
  • Compost tea specialists: We can set you up for Microbial Tea brewing on any scale and custom formulate your tea for whatever variety of plant you are growing. There is no service like this anywhere else and a quick google will show you the benefits of a Microbial Tea in ANY system.

Dispensary Design and Contracting Services

We offer total contracting services for your future dispensary or collective. We have years of experience in operating dispensaries successfully and securely. Our business experts can help you draft initial paperwork such as business plans, licensing paperwork, compliance, or proforma’s.  We can find you a suitable location with an agreeable landlord and build it to completion. We also have consultants available who can streamline the operation of your current dispensary in many ways.

  • Complete contracting services available for dispensaries in any state.
  • Floor plans optimized for safety and security.
  • Consultants are available who can maximize your dispensary’s profit potential.

Extraction Rooms and Extract Consulting

Let our experts help you process your cannabis into the cleanest and purest extracts. We have substantial experience with many different processes. No matter which you choose, the final product will be potent and pure with our help.

  • Experts in the latest commercial scale Solvent-less Extraction tech including Rosin, Steam Distillation, CO2, Ice Hash, and Water Hash.
  • Relationships with all major Extraction Machine manufacturers
    • We can help you select the perfect method for your extraction lab then train you on  how to use it effectively and profitably.
  • State Compliance experience:
    • Custom designed facilities which will pass all inspections with flying colors.
  • Edible Kitchen Design, Construction, and Operation Services. Optimized for high output with consultation from the finest cannabis chefs. We have french-trained culinary experts consulting for your kitchen design.

Complete contracting services available for dispensaries in any state.

  • Floor plans optimized for safety and security.
  • Consultants are available who can maximize your dispensary’s profit potential.


If your state isn’t listed here it doesn’t mean we can’t work together, send us an email or call us regardless.

California Medical Marijuana Compliance Services- California Proposition 215 and Senate Bill 420 allow a California resident to be prescribed marijuana for medical purposes. It also permits the growth of six mature and six immature cannabis plants. Caregivers can grow more than six plants, depending on his or her patients.Our staff is religiously versed on the text of Prop215 and SB420. We can help you be compliant with the law in your grow space. We will help you obtain the proper state paperwork and collective formation paperwork to help defend you in court, should any emergencies arise. We have networked with many excellent lawyers and organizations which cater to making Medical Marijuana operations compliant with California law. Do not grow large quantities without being protected, no one should do jailtime for providing medicine to qualified patients.

Horticultural Automation and Monitoring Technology

Argus, Iponic, SmartBee, and other commercial automation systems are at your disposal. Our electricians can also give you handheld control over every controllable aspect of your indoor or outdoor grow through our proprietary horticultural remote control systems. Lights, temperature, humidity, feeding cycles, fans, all controllable from a variety of platforms. Monitor conditions and take control from any internet connection with our GROW TECH control systems.

  • Monitor and control wirelessly from your smartphone.
  • Data export capable.
  • Compatible with any grow space.
  • Android Tablet/Ipad compatible.
  • Accessible from the internet (security equipped).
  • Precise control of your grow environment equals higher yields.
  • Drain and fill reservoirs, inject nutrients, turn fans on and off, AC’s on and off, everything at your command!

Project Management

Are you in need of someone to wrangle in your entire team and get them on track for your big project? We have experienced Project Managers who will put you on a tight schedule and facilitate completion of all the intricacies involved in getting a Cannabis facility completed. We highly recommend this service to anyone starting in this industry, it will save you money and headache in the long run!

  • Takes care of all critical paperwork, scheduling, contractor interactions, compliance, licensing, etc.
  • Motivates your team to complete goals.
  • Seeks data and truth when selecting growth techniques and equipment.
  • Provides all ancillary services such as business plans, marketing, and sales support.


Cannabis Business Consultation

If you don’t need our construction services, we can provide professional and experienced knowledge through many different mediums. We staff almost every kind of grow expert, some have decades of experience in this field.

Our Design Services delivers a full deck of all the essential information on your future cannabis facility. This package includes everything needed to appeal to Investment groups, partners, and government entities. To aid you in getting your project off the ground, we do full architectural designs, equipment/automation specifications, and a detailed financial deck.